Understand Some Basic Wedding Gift Etiquette

Every wedding comes with sleepless nights and so do wedding invitations. We all will agree that weddings are a lot of work with dresses, venue, photographer, flights, what not and to make the matter more complicated is the lack of modern etiquettes including the gifting procedure. People spend a good amount of time searching for wedding gifts and come up with some of the best wedding gift ideas, but forget the basic gift-giving etiquette. Let’s read on to know some contemporary etiquette for giving gifts at a wedding.

Sending the Gift before the Wedding

You can surprise the bride and groom with a thoughtful and beautiful gift before the big day. In case you forget or are not able to afford the gift at that time, aim to send the wedding gift within 3 months of the wedding. Though some say that the wedding gifts can be sent for a year after the wedding, but it is highly recommended to stick to the 3-month rule.

Don’t Carry Your Gift, But Ship

Instead of carrying a physical gift to the wedding, ship the gift to the couple’s chosen address. Moreover, some couples may find it tiring to take the gifts home at the end of the night and some may not have a designated place for keeping the gifts at the reception. Hence, it would be better for the couple as well if you send the gift to their address, making it comfortable for everyone.

A Budgeted Gift

Thinking of buying multiple presents can freak out anyone. In this time, don’t panic and just decide on a budget for the wedding gift and then divide it between different parties and the big day as you find fit. For instance, 20% of the budget can be spent on the engagement party gift, 20% on the shower gift, and the balance 60% on the wedding gift.

Consider Cash Funds

Many couples welcome cash funds as wedding gifts. Some people consider it impersonal, but many couples consider this better than other gifts as they can purchase something better according to them to start their new life together. Including a personal note with the cash will be something very beautiful and will give a personal touch to it.

Can’t Attend the Wedding? Still, Send a Gift

Let’s make it as simple as possible; send a gift even if you can’t go to the wedding. Don’t skip it.

Gift it from the Heart

Gifting is not about the money you spent but the gesture. Thus, gift the couple something meaningful and personal. Moreover, adding a brief and heartfelt note to accompany the gift shows how happy and delighted you are to be included in the wedding and your well-wishes for the couple.

Final Consideration

Wedding gifts are special for the bride and the groom. Hence, you should always gift something memorable, meaningful, and with a personal touch. Additionally, the gifting etiquettes are also considered important and should be followed to make the wedding more memorable for the happy couple. Hence, find the best wedding gift idea but present them correctly with love.

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